Cara Delevingne – “Golden Girl” Of The Fashion World

If you haven’t heard of Cara Delevingne, you’ve been living under a bridge for the past few years – although maybe that’s where you will want to live after you see the unattainable beauty. She can model, sing, act, dance, play the drums and acclaims much of her attention for having “eyebrows for days” – many people wonder if she is actually human. She has risen to the top of the fashion world and is convincingly here to stay – which is a good thing for us all.

Born in 1992, the British model grew up in London before signing for the agency “Storm” in 2009, of which her sister, Poppy, was already modelling. Sarah Doukas, the founder of the agency and the woman who signed Kate Moss, had a daughter attending the same school as the younger Delevingne girls and spotted the potential. However, Cara’s career started from a much earlier age; attending shoots as early as the age of 10. Over the past 5 years she has appeared in shows for the likes of Burberry, Mulberry and Dolce Gabana – as well as covering Vogue magazine, and won the ‘Model of the Year Award’ at the British Fashion Awards in both 2012 and 2014. A list of her accolades could continue as she has adventured into other areas, performing music with the likes of Pharrell, as well as small-bit roles in movies. The big question is: what is so special about this girl?

Aside from the beauty which finds its way into the magazines, it is her attitude, her energy and the embracement of her spontaneous weirdness. Cara portrays the notion that modelling is a way of making of living, but it is not an adamant way of life. Whilst many other models prefer to be seen and not heard, Cara is often pictured pulling strange faces with her tongue sticking out. Looking ridiculous, there is something enthralling about a beautiful girl who does not try to come across as radiating perfection. In many ways, she does not fit in the model stereotype at all; much of her attractiveness does not come from her physical features alone, but the fact that she does not embrace her own vanity. Her loquacious character provides endless entertainment and any encounter with the girl is fun; she is always interested in making people laugh and creating engagement.

Partaking in an interview with W magazine, she stated “I love modelling, but acting is my passion. Even on the set, it was never just a shoot with me. People will tell you that I would always run around, sing and dance”, before expressing that if she were to meet the Queen, one of her first questions would be to wonder what toilet paper was used in Buckingham Palace. An odd question to think, but what toilet paper do they use in Buckingham Palace?! Is there such thing as Royal toilet paper?? Cara’s performing the cliché of ‘just being yourself’ captivates a fluid audience, with her appeal stemming across both genders and all generations. She is fascinating across the spectrum of all ages, and has continuously made the news for her habits of dating members of the same sex.

Engaging over 2 million followers on Twitter, and over 12 million on Instagram – despite having seen pictures of Cara in almost every outfit imaginable, as well as barely any outfit at all, her fans could complain that they actually don’t see enough of their inspiration. Despite all the fame and success within such a short space of time, her presence is not constantly shoved in our face as with many other celebrities of the same stature. Cara regularly posts photos of her childhood, containing images with her sisters, and her fans can see that from a young age she exuberated energy, but that her tom-boy style has continued into adulthood – constantly caught in beanie hats, slogan tees and striped jeans.

Accounts at the Company House show that the 22 year old earned around £2.4 million in total over the course of the 2013/2014 period; performing campaigns for as many brands as you can think of – yet the arrogance never ensues. Her rise to fame has been a breath of fresh air; showing us all to enjoy ourselves more – with her twitter bio stating “Stop Labelling, Start Living”. So when you wake up today, embrace your inner-weirdness, Cara Delevingne style.


By Dre Efthymiou

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