Drone Wars

Apologies if the year hasn’t started with any positive news. In order to buck the recent trend, I’ve got some mixed news to bring. The good news is that for the first time in British legal and political history, the United Kingdom’s Attorney General is to set out the legal basis for military strikes against … Continue reading Drone Wars

Lights, Cameron, Action!

Would it be appropriate for Miliband to circle Cameron, making chicken noises as excuse after excuse emanates against the TV debate schedule? Probably not given he is running to lead the country, but the broadcasters still face a continuous struggle to get Mr Cameron on board with the current debate regime as last week the … Continue reading Lights, Cameron, Action!


The UK Treasury is set to investigate allegations that the Swiss arm of HSBC helped around 130,000 clients evade tax. Whistleblower Mr Falciani – not Falcao, because he can’t seem to get anything right at the moment – claims that the UK government should have known about the scandal as early as 2010. Her Majesty’s … Continue reading Scandalous!