Chancellor’s Job a Tough ‘Gig’

The Budget, in British politics, is always a notable moment. From Gordon Brown to George Osborne, those holding the office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer have never quite endeared themselves as the (Alistair) Darling(s) of the nation. Phillip Hammond’s latest Budget ensures the status quo is maintained, as he introduced a raft of controversial … Continue reading Chancellor’s Job a Tough ‘Gig’

Labour’s Mansion Tax – Downton Shabby

If there’s one thing everybody hates, it is having to shell out hard-earned wealth in the name of tax. Political parties notoriously differ on their taxation views, and over the past few months Labour’s idea for a mansion tax emerged as one of their prime solutions of raising revenue for the NHS. Labour leader Ed … Continue reading Labour’s Mansion Tax – Downton Shabby