Yo, Mr White – Should Drugs Be Legalised?

OT Genesis claims that he’s “in love with the Coco” – but it’s not just him, many people are, and it’s not just coco. Long has it been since the ‘hippy’ movement of the 60s and 70s which emerged as a counterculture movement rejecting the mores of mainstream American life, but the question of drug … Continue reading Yo, Mr White – Should Drugs Be Legalised?

Lights, Cameron, Action!

Would it be appropriate for Miliband to circle Cameron, making chicken noises as excuse after excuse emanates against the TV debate schedule? Probably not given he is running to lead the country, but the broadcasters still face a continuous struggle to get Mr Cameron on board with the current debate regime as last week the … Continue reading Lights, Cameron, Action!

Sony Hacks

Shrouded with scepticism and uncertainty, the Sony hacks are the latest instalment in an everlasting feud between the US and North Korea. Beginning on November 24th, Sony Pictures Entertainment went into meltdown quicker than your Christmas snowmen with the first signs of New Year sun after their systems were infiltrated by a group known as … Continue reading Sony Hacks