Monday saw the worst possible opening to a week, a 24 hour tube strike left commuters frustratingly searching for alternate routes around the country’s capital. On a bleak, rainy morning, my Facebook timeline was filled with forlorn, moaning travellers – and I have to admit, I was one of them. However, underground passengers were afforded … Continue reading SOUTHERN FAIL – STRIKEOUT

Brexit Breakdown: New Year, New Economy?

What is a conversation these days without Brexit? The Remoaners still champion their cause, but the Brexiteers boast Theresa May’s words of “Brexit means Brexit”. Then it was the remain camp’s time to boast following a temporary victory in the High Court regarding parliamentary procedure. If this was the 17th century again, one might fear … Continue reading Brexit Breakdown: New Year, New Economy?


The UK Treasury is set to investigate allegations that the Swiss arm of HSBC helped around 130,000 clients evade tax. Whistleblower Mr Falciani – not Falcao, because he can’t seem to get anything right at the moment – claims that the UK government should have known about the scandal as early as 2010. Her Majesty’s … Continue reading Scandalous!

TTIP – Valentine’s Date For The US & EU?

If you haven’t heard of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership don’t worry – you’re not really meant to have. The TTIP is a series of trade negotiations, primarily for the purpose of cutting tariffs and regulatory barriers to trade between the US and EU, making the access to each other’s markets easier for companies. … Continue reading TTIP – Valentine’s Date For The US & EU?