MAYDAY: Is Trump Britain’s Brexit Saviour?

Lancaster House is a beautiful and eloquent structure, but today it lay host to a stormy and volatile topic. After weeks of criticism for her indecisive behaviour, Theresa May stepped out to deliver clarity on her Brexit plans. Political speeches are normally filled with ambiguity and general commitments, but today, we finally witnessed some direction, … Continue reading MAYDAY: Is Trump Britain’s Brexit Saviour?

The Power of Oil – OPEC Taking Control

Bouncing like a fracking crane, fluctuating oil prices are a constant feature of the modern market. There is little that is more important than oil prices, given that they affect so many industries and intrude into all nations. A major player in this phenomenon is the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an intergovernmental … Continue reading The Power of Oil – OPEC Taking Control

TTIP – Valentine’s Date For The US & EU?

If you haven’t heard of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership don’t worry – you’re not really meant to have. The TTIP is a series of trade negotiations, primarily for the purpose of cutting tariffs and regulatory barriers to trade between the US and EU, making the access to each other’s markets easier for companies. … Continue reading TTIP – Valentine’s Date For The US & EU?

Sony Hacks

Shrouded with scepticism and uncertainty, the Sony hacks are the latest instalment in an everlasting feud between the US and North Korea. Beginning on November 24th, Sony Pictures Entertainment went into meltdown quicker than your Christmas snowmen with the first signs of New Year sun after their systems were infiltrated by a group known as … Continue reading Sony Hacks